Pop culture Halloween: This year’s most relevant fits

Illustration by Features reporter Kelley Holland.

Eleanor Tolbert

Halloween is here(!), which means people are scrambling to find last-minute costumes. Instead of pulling out your old black leggings and cat ears, why not opt for something a little cooler?

In no particular order, these pop culture costumes are all the rage in 2019:

1. 80’s Eleven from ‘Stranger Things’:

Over the summer, the new season of “Stranger Things” was all anyone could talk about. The gang was back and better than ever — we finally got to see Eleven and Mike’s relationship, and everything seemed good until, of course, (spoiler alert!) the Russians took over Hawkins.

Throughout the season, we got to see Eleven find herself and her identity outside of her powers. This resulted in brightly colored patterned shirts, high-waisted jeans and scrunchies. If you don’t already own this fit, it can be easily found at you local Goodwill. You can even make it a couples costume by including your significant other as Mike or your bestie as Max.

2. Scoops Troop member from ‘Stranger Things’:

Keeping with “Stranger Things,” why not go to a party as two of the favorite characters from season 3: Robin and Steve. This dynamic duo wasn’t one we expected to love but fell for immediately with their chemistry and mutual respect.

In order to achieve this costume, you’ll need blue shorts, a blue and white striped shirt, a blue vest and a red neck scarf. A sailor’s hat would top it off, but that can be hard to find in a crunch. Just dress like a sailor with a sassy attitude, and people won’t need to ask any questions.

3. Billie Eilish:

Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish made a big splash this year with her hit song “Bad Guy” and her unique style and persona. At 17 years old, her unwillingness to conform to social norms has made her an oft-idolized personality. This largely has to do with her choice of clothing.

The perfect Billie Eilish tribute costume consists of chain necklaces and an oversized neon shirt and pants. Temporarily dye your hair neon for bonus points.

4. A VSCO girl:

If you didn’t know, so-called “VSCO girls” have taken over the internet. These girls are mocked endlessly on social media such as Twitter and TikTok for their “basic” style and insatiable appetite for likes and the latest trend.

The VSCO girl standard is scrunchies all the way up your arms, oversized T-shirts, Hydro Flask water bottles, reusable straws, friendship bracelets and white chunky shoes. And don’t forget, any costume would not be complete without the VSCO girl catchphrase: “SKSKSKSKSKSK.” 

5. The Joker:

Although this seems like a normal Halloween get-up, it’s particularly relevant this year. This is due to the recent release of 2019’s “Joker,” directed by Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Phoenix. You may already have this costume, so it will be easy to bring it back out.

If not, it can be achieved by painting your face white with blue diamonds over your eyes and a red smile, wearing a red sport coat and pants and spraying your hair with temporary green dye. As a finishing touch, find a set of stairs to dance down to recreate an iconic scene.

6. Billy Ray Cyrus or Lil Nas X in the ‘Old Town Road’ video:

Even mentioning this song can get it stuck in your head for probably the 1 millionth time. Although the original song was released in 2018, the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus, aka the most popular version, came out in May 2019.

This look can be described as “glam cowboy” and can be completed with any colorful, sparkly or patterned shirt and pants combo. And don’t forget a cowboy hat!

7. Hannah B. from ‘The Bachelorette’:

The drama of Hannah B.’s love life has been a major point of discussion in much of 2019. Whether you were a Jed, Tyler or Luke fan, you can’t deny this season of “The Bachelorette” was one to remember.

One can easily embody Hannah by strutting out in their fanciest gown with hair and makeup done, their eyes on the prize. And make sure to keep a single red rose around … You might find someone worthy.

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