Not Horsing Around: Ethan Harrington and his life farriering in Bowling Green

Harrington sheds his hat after trimming the third horse of the morning. “It’s really satisfying,” said Harrington. He describes the fulfillment of seeing a horse walking healthily and comfortably after a thorough job.

Reed Mattison/HERALD

Ethan Harrington, 43, picked up farriering from his father. After a semester of college, Harrington decided a formal education wasn’t for him and decided to become a certified farrier. “I want to think if you hustle, those doors will open for you,” Harrington said. Twenty years later, Harrington is a full time farrier, married to his “smoking hot wife,” with six children. Harrington spends most of his time on the road thinking, shoeing and meeting people from all walks of life.