Parent’s weekend on the fly: our tips to make it count

Julie Sisler

The semester is in full swing tests are coming in like mold reports at WKU residence halls, friendships and bad habits alike have formed, and everyone is finally setting into their new norm. But for just one weekend, all of that must come to a complete stop.

Parent’s weekend is upon us, and you know what that means.


  1. Clean your room. You don’t need your parents to know what kind of filth you’ve been living in for the past five weeks. And for goodness sake, spray some Febreeze! Bonus tip: actually dig out your textbooks from wherever you’ve tucked them away and put them on your desk so it looks like you actually use them!

  2. Properly vet your friends before allowing them to meet your parents. Remind them which topics are off the table, including politics, the economy and your excellent pong skills. 

  3. Be conscious of your words and actions throughout the weekend. No matter how much your tolerance has improved in the last month or so, your parents DO NOT need to know you can handle seven beers before feeling anything. 

  4. Give more than you take. Your parents are here to see YOU! Make sure to give them your time and energy, and enjoy having them here! 


  1. Take your student to eat at a restaurant off campus, preferably one with fresh food options. This will likely be the first well-rounded meal they’ll have access to since move in, and it’ll likely be the last until at least fall break. 

  2. Don’t look around your student’s residence hall room or apartment too closely if you aren’t prepared for what you might find. Sometimes it’s best to just make sure they’re living in relatively good health then move on.

  3. Understand that while driving on campus around pedestrians, you NEVER have the right of way. Drive carefully and be prepared to make a lot of sudden stops for students crossing the street where they shouldn’t be. 

  4. Let your student know you’re proud of them. It’s only been five weeks, but it’s been a LONG five weeks. They need to hear it. 

Bowling Green favorite spots:

  1. Fountain Square Park is a perfect bite-sized taste of Bowling Green, complete with local shops and a beautiful park to relax away from the hustle and bustle of campus. 

  2. Pelican’s Snoballs is a great place to beat the heat and enjoy a cold, local favorite. 

  3. Spencer’s Coffee is a Bowling Green staple, complete with tasty treats and a cozy coffeehouse vibe.

  4. Griff’s Deli is local, delicious and far healthier than what most students consume on the daily.

Keep these tips in mind as the weekend carries into tomorrow, and remember to make the most of it. After all, parent’s weekend only comes once a year!

Features reporter Julie Sisler can be reached at 270-745-6291 and [email protected]. Follow Julie on social media at @julie_sisler.