Letter to the editor: Vote for needed reform

Letter submitted by Kendrick Bryan 

The SGA election concludes on TopNet on April 16. I am writing in support of Asha McWilliams, Jacob McAndrews and Symone Whalin.

The WKU Student Government Association represents every WKU student. The organization represents part-time and full-time students. This body represents commuters as well as campus residents. The SGA budget is $100,000 and officers are tasked with learning the best ways to appropriate funds to improve the student experience.

McWilliams, McAndrews and Whalin recognize the responsibilities of representing WKU students. I watched the University Senate meeting streamed on Facebook, and I was hoping students would speak up during the meeting about the recent termination of a beloved dean. Thankfully, McWilliams, McAndrews and Whalin attended the meeting to show faculty that students were present and attentive to campus issues. SGA officials must attend meetings to show others that students are willing to respond to problems.

Energy is needed to motivate students to be passionate about concerns. Asha, Jacob and Symone display the needed energy, courage and fortitude required to solve campus problems. SGA executives meet with university administrators to address issues related to parking, dining, transportation, housing and college affordability.

I am writing to encourage students to vote for the strongest candidates. Asha, Jacob and Symone recognize collaboration is needed to promote campus events and improve student life.

Please join me in voting for Asha McWilliams, Jacob McAndrews and Symone Whalin for SGA’s top offices.