GALLERY: 100 years of ROTC

Joseph Barkoff

Celebrating 100 years, the Hilltopper Brigade of WKU’s Army ROTC, conducted its annual Military Ball in full dress uniform at the Augenstein Alumni Center on Valentine’s Day. For cadets and cadre, the event had many themes. It is a catered dinner with an honored guest and speaker, Brigadier General Scott Naumann out of Fort Bliss.

For all, the ball honors those who haven’t made it home yet.

“It means a lot to me,” cadet Derrick Sells said. “Coming together as a battalion and celebrating such a rich heritage of ROTC at WKU.”


Seniors, soon to be graduating and commissioning as second

lieutenants, make the evening memorable with a grog (traditionally a mixed liquid) cobbled together in a giant stock pot consisting of items like Airborne medicine, protein powder, energy drinks, instant coffee grounds and even MRE peanut butter with bacon.

The ball was also a chance for the brigade to thank Professor of Military Science Lt. Col. Thomas MacMillin for his years of service to the United States. Current and former battalion commanders and cadets Derrick Sells and Nathan Harrison presented MacMillin with a print from the Battle of Bastogne as a retirement and parting gift.

“He [LTC MacMillin] ultimately believed in me enough to lead the battalion,” Sells said. “That really humbled me.”