WKU Store: Undoubtedly unmatchable

Contrary to popular belief, the WKU Store still carries various different items sporting the classic white squirrel design. The white squirrel baseball cap is one of the store’s most popular items.

The volume and variety of WKU gear available at the WKU Store are what set it apart from its competitors — and why it remains the best place to buy WKU gear.

The variety in the WKU Store starts with different brands of gear.

“We have anything from the higher-end workout gear that’s Nike brand, all the way to basic T-shirts that are Russell,” marketing coordinator Sarah Sears said. “Part of that variety is that the price point really varies too, but of course the quality is good for everything.”

The quality of the WKU Store apparel is arguably the best, among all the brands and designs.

“I really like everything I’ve bought at the WKU Store,” Corbin freshman Bailee O’Neill said. “It’s super cute and has lasted for months without any issues.”

Collaboration plays a big role in the success of the WKU Store as well, Sears said.

“Because we work so closely with departments on campus, such as Athletics, we are always able to come out with timely merchandise that coincides with particular games or celebrates 100 seasons of WKU football, basketball and now baseball,” she said.

That collaboration produces unique WKU gear that cannot be found at other stores and adds to the store’s variety.

“We have a good blend of throwback vintage marks and also the newer ones too,” Sears said. With variation comes volume, which the WKU Store has in multiple ways.

“We have the space here to really cover a variety of categories that most of our competitors don’t really have,” Sears said.

The WKU Store is larger than other physical locations in Bowling Green that sell WKU gear. It’s also devoted to WKU, so there’s not just a small section of WKU gear mixed in with apparel from other colleges like you would find at other stores. The WKU Store has anything from white squirrel Comfort Colors shirts, to WKU notebooks, to replica basketball jerseys, to red towel coffee mugs.

The WKU Store also hosts separate sections of WKU gear for women, men and children, making it the perfect place to find a gameday outfit for one person or the whole family.

When it comes to style, the store’s apparel buyer works closely with College Licensing, vendors and designers to serve Bowling Green the latest apparel trends.

“We market to the fan population with game gear,” Sears said. “We are always going to have game gear, but then we are also going to look at what’s trending, like Comfort Colors in ladies’ fashion.”

The WKU Store continues to provide Bowling Green with volume, variety and quality, making it the best place to visit for all your WKU gear needs.