The Herald’s Housing Fair is on its way!

Housing Fair Photo 1

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The College Heights Herald will host the first WKU Housing Fair on Feb. 26 throughout Downing Student Union.

The event, which will feature the largest Bowling Green apartment complexes catering to students as well as Bowling Green Municipal Utilities and WKU Housing & Residence Life, will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the first and second floors of DSU.

It will be the first event at WKU aimed at helping every student figure out their housing situation for the coming Fall 2019 semester.

“Figuring out your place to live can be a confusing thing for a college student,” said Chuck Clark, director of WKU Student Publications. “The Herald saw this as an unmet need for WKU students that it could help fill, so we worked with WKU to bring all these elements together, at one time, under one roof.”

Students will be able to compare a wide variety of housing options, from WKU residence halls to the newest apartment complexes, and also will be able to get information on utilities. Participating in the WKU Housing Fair are:

Students attending the WKU Housing Fair will be eligible for a wide variety of prizes that will be drawn at the end of the event. To qualify, a student will receive a Housing Passport to get punched by at least four vendors. Prizes include a 40-inch smart TV.

Sponsors for door prizes include:

  • Nat’s
  • WKU Store
  • Lost River Storage
  • Little Fox Bakery
  • Target
  • Hilligans