Nat’s Outdoor Sports: A staple for outdoor adventure

Nat’s Outdoor Sports is a staple in Bowling Green for those who love being outside. The store carries name brand, top-of-the-line gear, such as Patagonia, Chaco and Eno.

What started as a small bike shop has grown into a quintessential part of the Bowling Green community. Nat Love first opened the L&M Bookstore in 1971. Two years later, he added a bike shop that would become known as Nat’s Outdoor Sports. Lisa Martens, Love’s daughter, now owns and runs the store with a team of employees who are passionate about sports, the outdoors and helping customers find exactly what they need for their next outdoor adventure.

Whether you are running a marathon or hiking up the Hill to class, Nat’s provides high-quality sportswear and gear, including popular brands like Patagonia, Chaco, Eno, Birkenstock and Yeti. With spring just around the corner, Nat’s has you covered with camping, hiking and biking gear.

“We have always been focused on staying local,” Martens said. Nat’s care for customers goes far beyond the confines of the store, as the store provides support for many athletic events and community organizations in Bowling Green.