SGA passes rewritten bill for study abroad scholarships

Authors of bill 2-19-S, Amanda Harder and Jayden Thomas, discuss questions asked by members of the Student Government Association during a meeting in Downing Student Union on Feb. 12, 2019.

Jack Dobbs

After rigorous debate, the pulling and a rewriting of the bill, the Student Government Association approved a bill to change requirements for SGA-sponsored study abroad scholarships.

Bill 7-19-S rewrites a portion of the SGA study abroad scholarship applications. The bill calls for a change in the grading process for scholarships and gives a 15 percent bonus to those who have not studied abroad in the past.

“This is detracting from a merit-based scholarship,” senator Josh Zaczek said during debate.

Zaczek also said problems lie in not being able to know if applicants are being truthful in their scholarship applications.

The bill was rewritten after the last SGA meeting, after concerns were raised over the exclusionary nature of the bill. Originally, the bill stated that any student who had previously received a study abroad scholarship from SGA would be ineligible for reapplication.  

Following this debate the authors, Sustainability Committee chair Jayden Thomas and Committee for Academic and Student Affairs chair Amanda Harder pulled the bill for rewriting.

New nominees were also put forward in the meeting by SGA President Stephen Mayer. Sophomores Camry Johnson and Brenna Matthews were nominated to fill two vacant senate seats. The senate will vote on the nominees at the next meeting on Tuesday, February 26.

Alongside the nominees, Resolution 1-19-S will also be presented. This resolution calls for the removal of the sign near the Kentucky Museum identifying Bowling Green as the Confederate capital of Kentucky. If approved by SGA, the resolution will be brought to the University Senate for a vote.

SGA meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Student Senate Chambers in Downing Student Union.

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