Best of the Hill 2019

Best of the Hill 2019

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1. BEST COFFEE SHOP (Sponsored)






3. BEST BREAKFAST (Sponsored)




  1. NAT’S


5. Best local bar

1st: Hilligan’s

2nd: Hideout

3rd: Dublin’s


6. Best late night munchies spot

1st: Cookout

2nd: GADS

3rd: Taco Bell


7. Best tattoo shop

1st: Carter’s Tattoo Co.

2nd: Age of Reason Tattoo

3rd: Topper’s Fine Line Tattoo


8. Best burger joint

1st: Double Dogs

2nd: Five Guys

3rd: White Squirrel & Hideout (tie)


9. Best clothing boutique

1st: Steel Mill & Co

2nd: Back Down South

3rd: The Pink Lily


10. Best Mexican restaurant

1st: El Mazatlan

2nd: Que Buenos

3rd: Puerto Vallarta


11. Best yoga studio

1st: Hot Yoga Bowling Green

2nd: Preston Center

3rd: The Spot


12. Best lunch spot

1st: Griff’s

2nd: Home Café

3rd: India Oven


13. Best pizza place

1st: Mellow Mushroom

2nd: Blaze

3rd: Donato’s


14. Best place for live music


2nd: Tidball’s

3rd: The A-Frame


15. Best secondhand store

1st: Goodwill

2nd: Beverly Hills Bargain Boutique

3rd: St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store


16. Best date spot

1st: Shogun

2nd: Mariah’s

3rd: Steamer Southern Seafood Kitchen


17. Best places for your parents to take you

1st: Montana Grill

2nd: Steamer Southern Seafood Kitchen

3rd: Hickory & Oak


18. Best liquor store

1st: Red Barn Liquors

2nd: Liquor Barn

3rd: Shenanigans Wine and Spirits


19. Best barbecue

1st: Smokey Pig Bar-B-Q

2nd: Smokey Bones

3rd: Whitt’s Barbecue


20. Best dessert

1st: Chaney’s Dairy Barn

2nd: Bruster’s Ice Cream

3rd: PopWorks


21. Best hair salon

1st: Tanglez Hair Studio

2nd: The Finery

3rd: Friendz Salon


22. Best place to break up with someone

1st: The bottom of the Colonnade (so they can’t push you down the steps) 

2nd: Cravens Library (so they can’t yell at you) 

3rd: The bus (so you can get off at the next stop) 


23. Best IFC fraternity

1st: Pi Kappa Alpha

2nd: Phi Gamma Delta

3rd: Sigma Phi Epsilon


24. Best NPHC fraternity

1st: Alpha Phi Alpha

2nd: Omega Psi Phi

3rd: Phi Beta Sigma


25. Best Panhellenic sorority

1st: Chi Omega

2nd: Alpha Delta Pi

3rd: Alpha Omicron Pi


26. Best NPHC sorority

1st: Alpha Kappa Alpha

2nd: Delta Sigma Theta

3rd: Zeta Phi Beta


27. Best academic college

1st: Potter College of Arts & Letters

2nd: College of Health & Human Services

3rd: Gordon Ford College of Business


28. Best non-Greek organization

1st: Kaois Dance Team

2nd: Christian Student Fellowship

3rd: Student Government Association


29. Best on-campus meal

1st: Chick-fil-A

2nd: Panda Express

3rd: Red Zone


30. Best professor

1st: Timothy Straubel

2nd: Marko Dumancic

3rd: Kelley Coppinger


31. Best residence hall

1st: Hilltopper Hall

2nd: Meredith

3rd: Kentucky Street Apartments


32. Best WKU sports team

1st: Men’s Basketball

2nd: Volleyball

3rd: Baseball


33. Best study spot on campus

1st: Helm/Cravens Library

2nd: DSU

3rd: Ogden College Hall


34. Best place to take tourists

1st: Jackson’s Orchard

2nd: Lost River Cave

3rd: National Corvette Museum


35. Best happy hour prices

1st: Sonic

2nd: Hilligan’s

3rd: Shogun


36. Best mechanic

1st: B&B Tire

2nd: Firestone Complete Auto Care

3rd: Sam’s Auto


37. Best car wash

1st: Cheetah Clean Auto Wash

2nd: WaterWorks

3rd: Campbell Lane Express


38. Best place to escape

1st: Target

2nd: Humane Society

3rd: Downtown Starbucks


39. Best Insta-worthy spot

1st: Van Meter Overlook

2nd: The Kissing Bridge

3rd: Colonnade


40. Best place to eat healthy

1st: Panera Bread

2nd: Top of the Hill Nutrition

3rd: Saladworks


41. Best place to cry on campus

1st: 9th floor of Cravens

2nd: Tunnel under Van Meter

3rd: The basement of Cherry Hall


42. Best off-campus apartments

1st: Midtown

2nd: Walk2Campus

3rd: The Registry


43. Best place for craft beer

1st: White Squirrel

2nd: 643 Sports Bar & Grill

3rd: Mellow Mushroom


44. Best bathrooms on campus

1st: Augenstein Alumni Center

2nd: Bottom floor of DSU

3rd: Honors College