ISEC, WKUPD award new scholarship

WKU freshman Darren Griggs stands holding his scholarship check with WKU Police chief Mitchell Walker and Officer Tim Gray, along with ISEC Executive Director Martha Sales and Program Coordinator Kristina Gamble. Photo by Jack Dobbs

Jack Dobbs

WKU’s police department and the Intercultural Student Engagement Center (ISEC) created a scholarship fund that was awarded for the first time Thursday, Dec. 6.

The scholarship, which amounted to $350, was awarded to freshman Darren Griggs, an exercise science major with a minor in music.

“I appreciate everyone who respects me as the person I am,” Griggs said, “I really try to spread positivity and I try to be the person people can get a smile from.”

Campus Police Chief Mitchell Walker said the creation of the scholarship started from campus police officers not being allowed to have facial hair. Officers were allowed to pay $25 per year to keep any facial hair. The money raised went toward the scholarship fund.

“We chose the ISEC program and they formed the scholarship and the criteria for the scholarship,” Walker said. “It was an opportunity for the police to build relationships with students.”

ISEC Program Coordinator Kristina Gamble said Griggs is a positive figure and is always eager to help out. Gamble also said Griggs is an “ideal citizen” and always spreads positivity around campus.

“When we selected [Darren], we were really considering someone with the face of a scholar,” ISEC Executive Director Martha Sales said. “I think this scholarship shows that students can be recognized in and outside the classroom and kindness really does matter.”

The money awarded from this scholarship is transferred directly into the recipient’s account. This way, Sales said, the money can be put towards whatever aid the student is in need of most.

“It feels amazing and unexpected to be awarded this,” Griggs said, “I try hard to be a model figure and be an example for people.”