Voter Guide: Carlos Bailey

Photo submitted by Carlos Bailey

Carlos D. Bailey

Running for City Commissioners City of Bowling Green

Age: 42

Occupation: Lawyer

Relevant experience: I believe my experience aligns well for a City Commissioner. I have experience in communicating with diverse people. For example, I know what it’s like to grow up in poverty to a single parent while living Bowling Green Kentucky. I know what it’s like to work hard, achieve a law degree and become a small business owner. The most important attribute a lawyer can have is the ability to listen, adapt with new information, and sometimes deliver the truth to his or her client. I’m an advocate and often speak spoke for those who have no voice. And I want better for my children, family, friends and every single person living in our community.

What is your platform?

a. Building sensible economic growth/Jobs.

i. explore state level incentives such as training grants, job tax credits and sales tax exemptions for qualifying organizations.

ii. attract innovative tech industries and jobs to Bowling Green, KY. (ie. Green industries, mobility technology industries, biotechnology industries, VR industries)

iii. Look at regulations and restrictions that stall or slow business growth in our community. For example, start-up costs for a brick-and-mortar store can be expensive but mobile vendors (ie. food trucks) can contribute to its long-term success of a food scene in a city. Successful mobile vendors can evolve in different ways which could give mobile business owners the capitol purchase a brick and mortar store.

iv. Develop cooperation agreements that provide business incentives and low cost of operation to private sector industries when the industry

1. pay employees a living wage,

2. respect union rights,

3. and ensure proper working conditions for employees.

b. Fix city transportation and infrastructure:

i. extend hours and days of operation for public transportation and look at modifying routes, Widen streets, Transit agreement with uber and WKU.

ii. We can partner with private sector industries to help improve our water system, expand green infrastructure, and invest in new innovative technology for our city.

c. Develop economic opportunities and youth programs:

i. Create short-term certificate programs and opportunities for work-based learning in high school. Look at Warren County ATC and BG Math Academy.

ii. Create economic equality opportunity zones and youth development programs in areas that desperately need revitalization.

iii. Work with local business and schools to improve Job Retraining Programs geared towards their job/career.

d. Pursue affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization: (Look at Grants and food empowerment zones).

i. Food empowerment zone: work with the housing authority and help

1. create gardening space in food deserts.

2. Designate areas for a farmer’s market that will bring affordable produce to area food deserts.

3. Work with the private sector to bring a grocery to bring grocery stores to these neighborhoods

e. Entertainment and food district: Build a true entertainment and food district to attract new talent and keep local talent in our community.

f. Homelessness: work with homeless outreach groups and experts so our city can establish innovative solutions that cause the person to be homeless and create work to earn programs and transitional housing program. Establish areas of community gardens in food dessert zones. Look at san Diego, Texas, the national coalition employment and income.

g. City Projects: Establish goals to hire local contractors and local workforce for city projects.

h. Ensure every person living in Bowling Green Kentucky has the same opportunity to work and live. Improve transparency and communication with constituents.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

a. Build sensible economic growth and jobs.

b. Fix city transportation and infrastructure.

c. I want to ensure we build a better bowling green that gives every person the opportunity to work, live, and connect.