Voter Guide: Patti Minter

History professor and Kentucky State Representative candidate Patti Minter will host an event at the Sinkhole Sanctuary March 23. Minter will be talking about her plans for the future of District 20 which includes WKU and helping with voters registration.

Patti Minter

Age: 54

Party: Democrat 

Occupation: Professor of History at WKU; I’ve taught at WKU for 25 years 

Relevant experience: I’m a mom, history professor, and longtime community advocate with a lifetime of showing up and standing up for what I believe in. As an educator for the past 25 years, I’ve stood up for my students. As the faculty regent on the WKU Board of Regents for seven years, I’ve stood up for public education. As a strong advocate for civil rights in our community, I’ve stood up for our LGBTQ community. I’m the only candidate in my race with experience voting on multi-million-dollar budgets and policies that affect thousands of people across Kentucky, and I’ll never back down from what is right. I’m ready to take a lifetime of commitment to the Capitol to serve the people of Bowling Green, including our Hilltopper community.

What is your platform?

 I’m committed to fighting for everyday Kentuckians as your next state representative, whether that means investing in our schools, raising the minimum wage, guarding animal welfare, protecting health care, or increasing affordable housing. We can tackle many of Kentucky’s problems by fully funding public education, including public universities, which, among other things, will allow lower tuition and make college more affordable for students and their families. I’m also committed to being a voice for equality as your next state representative by strengthening Kentucky’s civil rights laws, cleaning up a culture of sexual harassment in Frankfort, and expanding voting rights. For a more comprehensive list of my stances on issues, check out

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

My top three priorities are supporting public education, protecting pensions for state workers, and bringing good-paying jobs to Bowling Green. Public education is vital to Kentucky. We need to stop the budget cuts, restore the funding we’ve lost, and then increase it so that all of our schools and universities can thrive. I’ll also fight hard to keep pension promises made to public employees. As a public employee myself, I know how important this is to WKU faculty and staff. And I’ll fight to bring good-paying jobs to Bowling Green. I see so many of my students struggle to balance multiple jobs just to get by. If you have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet, you’re not being paid a living wage, and we can and should do better.