Voter Guide: Dana Beasley-Brown

Photo submitted by Dana Beasley-Brown

Dana Beasley-Brown

Running for City Commissioners City of Bowling Green

Age: 36

Occupation:  Assistant Coordinator, Youth Services Center, Bowling Green Junior High School

Relevant experience: I am a 2004 graduate of WKU. I am a proud mom of two kids and a pastor’s wife. Along with my work in our schools, I have led numerous non-profit boards to improve quality of life in our city.

What is your platform?

I cherish our city because this is my home. I work in our schools and community to empower families so every child can dream big -right here in Bowling Green.

We share this city as a sacred responsibility to each other and future generations. How we build our city today and engage the economy of tomorrow will transform our city forever.

Our city is growing fast! It is vital we grow with a vision of the city we want to become. As we grow, we must protect our city’s unique landscape and find ways to celebrate it. Investing in bike trails, sidewalks and green spaces will help us live, work and play to the fullest right here in Bowling Green.

Our economy is rapidly changing because of technological advances in every area of our life. The jobs of the future can be based anywhere. As a result, our economic development plan must be forward-thinking and we must modernize our infrastructure and our policies to ensure we can attract and retain the brightest workforce in the world.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

To ensure we leave a legacy we are proud of, we need to:

Create a vision and strategic plan for our growth.

Empower our neighborhoods in decision making.

Modernize our infrastructure with high speed fiber and develop a mass transit system that works for everyone.

Spark innovation and diversify our economy to prepare for the jobs of the future.

Create more opportunity and equality in our city.