Voter Guide: Don Langley

Photo submitted by Don Langley

Don Langley

Running for City Commissioners City of Bowling Green

Age: 70

Occupation: Real estate

Relevant experience: 30 plus years small businessman (real estate), graduate of  WKU 1975 in Parks & Recreation.

What is your platform?

Supports racial & economic equality, supports fairness. Bowling Green needs more low income apartment housing and low income residential houses (This can be paid for by taking a certain percentage of new construction projects and applying to a low income housing fund). I will work on getting Bowling Greens debt of $85 million dollars paid off in 5 years instead of 30 years. Millions of dollars was lost on the downtown wrap & parking garage project. Where did this money go? I think we need new blood, new ideas on the Bowling Green City Commission to move Bowling Green forward in the coming years. If you agree vote DonLangley.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

More low income housing, payoff the city’s debt, get closure on the downtown wrap & parking garage project.