Voter Guide: Mike Wilson

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Mike Wilson

Running for State Senator 32nd Senatorial District

Age: 66 Party: Republican

Occupation: Business Consultant

Relevant experience: I have served 8 years in the State Senate and 5 of those years as Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and last year I was elected by my colleagues  to Senate Leadership as the Senate Majority Whip. I have served on the State Budget Committee and also the Committee that works on the Road Plan for our state. I am now in a position to have a seat at the negotiations table for the State Budget and any major legislation that comes through the Legislature.  This worked in our favor as I was able to be an advocate for equalization funding for WKU in this budget as well as getting all of our capital projects restored in the budget as well. I have worked on Economic policy legislation, all major Education legislation, and many other policies in my time in the Senate.  I believe I am in a key position to make a difference in our state which a freshman Senator will not have for several years to come should they be elected.

What is your platform?

a. Continue to help move our state forward economically with conservative economic policies that have delivered record investment into the commonwealth.  In 2017 it amounted to over 9 billion dollars with companies coming to Kentucky or existing ones expanding their operations. It lead to over 17,000 new jobs that year.  Also this year we have the lowest unemployment rate in 42 years.

b. Continue our tax modernization plan to eventually rid ourselves of the income tax to become more competitive with states around us like Tennessee. It took Tennessee several years to get rid of theirs and we are following that example of doing it slowly and incrementally to insure we are doing what’s best for citizens and not hurting our small businesses. We have lowered personal income taxes as well as companies income taxes and are already seeing results with increased revenues coming into the state treasury as a result.  It’s clear that if you put more money in people’s pockets then they will save more and spend more which builds a strong thriving economy.

c. Work force investment with our schools to increase opportunities to our students so they can be qualified to work for companies in our state who desperately need skills we are not providing for them currently.  I passed Senate Bill 1 in 2017 to incentivize school districts to offer these programs and credentials and we are now starting to implement it.

d.  Veteran’s issue are very important to me as we continue to advocate for federal funding of a Veteran’s Nursing Home here in Bowling Green.

These are just a few of the issues I want to work on as well as making sure all of our students receive a world class education in Kentucky.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

Implementing Education Reform started in 2017 through Senate Bill 1

 Continue with Comprehensive Tax Reform

Champion Veteran’s issues

Protecting Individual Freedoms.