Sponsored: Little Fox Bakery offers sweet treats for every diet

A vegan vanilla latte cupcake and gluten-free macarons are among the many options Little Fox Bakery off ers for customers with a variety of dietary needs.

A jar filled to the brim with winter-green cookies sits on a countertop next to a clear glass display with the day’s freshly-made baked goods. The jar has a small label stating “$1 macarons”. The tiny, colorful, gluten-free cookies have become one of the most popular items at Little Fox Bakery, said Alison Taylor, the bakery’s owner and the creator of the recipe. 

“If we run out of them, there are calls and questions about their availability,” she said.

Little Fox Bakery appeals to customers with a variety of dietary needs, specializing in assorted vegan and gluten-free options.

Little Fox Bakery has about 30 vegan flavors that rotate on a weekly basis. The bakery puts out about three different flavors per week and stocks their vegan items fresh daily.

Little Fox Bakery also makes vegan cakes to order. Taylor says the cakes are great for birthdays and other special events. Customers can order a vegan cake in any of the 30 flavors Little Fox Bakery offers or request a flavor.

 “It’s exciting to get something that’s totally new,” Taylor said. “We enjoy experimenting and mixing flavors.”

Another pair of hands behind the treats is baker Tori Trujillo, who said she also enjoys creating vegan items. 

“There’s really a lot of options on doing vegan items,” Trujillo said. “We can pretty much do any of our normal cupcakes vegan. It’s just tweaking the recipe.” 

Little Fox Bakery also ensures their gluten-free customers have plenty of options. One way they do this is through their Wheatless Wednesday events, which occur every other Wednesday. Wheatless Wednesdays showcase one special gluten-free treat that is available all day long.

“It changes every event,” Taylor said. “We’ve done tarts, cakes, and even an ice cream cake. We want to make sure our gluten-free patrons have a variety of options.”

At Little Fox Bakery, having specific dietary needs doesn’t mean having to eat bland food.

“With many of our products, I wanted a really stand-out flavor,” Taylor said. “I feel like a lot of American baked goods and a lot of American sweets are just sweet, but not much of anything else.”

Taylor said she especially thought of students when crafting a relaxed atmosphere for the bakery.