Welcome to Fit, a health and wellness guide.

Get your copy of Fit, Cherry Creative’s health and wellness guide.

Throughout the year, monthly special sections like Fit will be released with the College Heights Herald. These special sections are created by Cherry Creative, a new entity within WKU Student Publications. Cherry Creative is a team of creative storytellers — writers, designers, artists, photographers and videographers with the skills to produce insightful, impactful media. Our goal is to partner with the Bowling Green community to create fun, high-quality, valuable guides throughout the year. Whether it is insight into all things Homecoming or helpful finance tips, Cherry Creative will be a source of engaging, beneficial content for WKU and the greater community.

Fit kicks off this semester by encouraging students to stay healthy. Health is not just about eating well or working out; it is about taking care of yourself physically and mentally. We hope you learn some new ways to take care of yourself and are encouraged to improve your health.