Residents of Minton Hall share their thoughts

Steam escapes from beneath the street and sidewalk in front of Minton Hall at sunrise on Sunday morning, Feb. 27 2011. 

Julie Sisler

Photos showing the bricks falling off the side of Minton Hall were taken over winter break, which began the debate over whether Minton, which is considered one of the nicest freshmen dorms, is falling apart.

In early January, sections of brick came crumbling down from Minton. While no one has been hurt by the falling bricks, it did spark a conversation about the state of Minton.

Several other issues have arisen during the semester.

For a few days, one of the stairwells, the one notorious for smelling like raw fish, was blocked off with a sign that said “out of order,” keeping residents from entering it.

“I thought that was funny, since stairs can’t exactly break down or stop working,” Minton resident Karli Sanders said.

The cause of the issue was never identified.

“My mom lived here when she was at WKU,” Sanders said. “You can tell it’s a really old building. The elevators break down pretty frequently, and the overall quality of the dorm isn’t the greatest.”

Similarly to just about every other college dorm, there are mechanical issues and issues like unexplained smells and unclean bathrooms.

“[There was a] rumor that the third floor flooded because someone fell asleep in the bathtub, which I do not recommend,” Minton resident Caleb Tamminga said.

Aside from things like falling bricks and broken stairs, many residents believe Minton is a prime place to live.

Each Minton resident interviewed listed its location as one of its best features. Because it is just a short walk from Downing Student Union, Jody Richards Hall and Bates Runner Hall, Minton’s central location makes any campus destination easily reachable.

Along with the location, many residents say who it’s the other people residing in Minton that make it such a great place to live.

“Minton definitely has a great community,” Tamminga said.

Multiple residents agreed that the students in Minton are energetic, friendly and excited about learning. Students said this creates a positive living and learning environment.

Though the residents are passionate about their education, it’s also apparent that they are passionate about keeping things interesting and having fun.

“My RA put up a bulletin board where people could put original writing pieces,” Minton resident Adam Rogers said. “There was some really good writing … there was also a pair of boxers.”

In the same playful spirit, members of the fifth floor engaged in an impromptu Nerf gun fight one evening.

Residents can frequently be seen sitting in the halls together studying or hanging out in the lobby. Multiple residents also commented on the friendliness of their co-residents, saying that they positively add to the dorm experience.  

Despite the fact that the building may be in need of repair, many residents believe Minton is a great place to live.

“I feel pretty lucky to live here,” Rogers said.

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