Spread the love at WKU with our valentines

reader’s valentine

Herald Staff

Love is in the air today and the College Heights Herald wants to help you win over that special someone. 

You have your typical ways of displaying affection: flowers, chocolates, a candle-lit dinner, Netflix and the list could go on. Sadly, long gone are the days of our youth where we giddily made valentine cards to later shyly give the apple of our eye. 

Fret not reader, we’ve digitized the days of our collective youth to present you with WKU themed Valentine’s Day cards. You can tweet them out to that special someone, post it on their Facebook wall or copy the link and send it in an email with the subject line “Thinking of you.” If you’re feeling really adventurous, go ahead and slide one of these bad boys in that special someone’s DM’s. 

We hope you enjoy and have a happy Valentine’s Day.