How to keep the Herald on your feed after Facebook changes

Facebook has changed its way of sorting content, as said in an announcement by Mark Zuckerburg. This update increases how much you will see posts by your Facebook friends, your family members and loved ones.

This update will also decrease the news and media content you see on your feed, such as the campus and community stories put out by the Herald.

If you are left wanting to see more content than what’s on your Facebook feed, pick up a physical copy on Tuesday, follow us on Twittercheck out our website, or sign up for our newsletter, which will be summarizing for you the top stories and most relevant information for the week.

To keep your Facebook up to date on WKU and Bowling Green, follow these steps.

On Mobile

Screenshots are taken from an Android phone. Your screen may appear different, but still work mostly the same. Make sure your app is up to date.

Select ≡ (the three lines from the far right of the toolbar). In that section, move down to Help & Settings. From there select the option News Feed Preferences.

Then, select the topmost option of Prioritize who you see first. This will take you to a screen of your friends and pages you follow. Tap WKU Herald. If properly selected, you will see a star by it. You can then exit out of the menu.

On Desktop

The procedure for desktop and laptop computers is very similar. From the home page of your Facebook, select  (three dots) besides from News Feed, in the upper left corner. From there, select Edit Preferences.

A pop up box with options will appear. Click the first option, Prioritize who to see first

From that option, you will see a list of your friends and various pages you follow. Click WKU Herald. If it does not appear, narrow your search by clicking All and selecting Pages only.

You will know it has been selected if there is a blue star in the corner of the icon. Click Done and that’s all there is too it.

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