Winter Night Market to help build a better city

Laurel Deppen

Enactus is an organization that is part of the Gordon Ford College of Business at WKU. They specialize in creating opportunities for business students and in creating economic value for Bowling Green.

Enactus works on various projects throughout the year, each focused on the betterment of the Bowling Green community and on helping those in need. One of their ongoing projects is the Bowling Green Night Market.

Starting in March of 2017, the Bowling Green Night Market is a monthly event that focuses on the showcasing of local businesses, artists and musicians. It is an opportunity for vendors to sell their goods and for them to come into contact with the community.


This Saturday, the Night Market will be held again, this time with a creative spin on it to coordinate with the upcoming season.

Shelbyville senior Nathaniel Oates is the technology and social media manager for Enactus and a team leader for the Night Market.

“We’ve been framing it as a winter/handmade gifts type of event,” Oates said. “The vendors we’ve been contacting have been Etsy vendors that make ornaments, there will be some Christmas tree guys there as well. It’s going to be a cool event.”

Many other vendors will be participating including Paparazzi, Lularoe and an up-and-coming cupcake business. The Night Market has often served as a jumping off point for many organizations and artists who were just starting out.

“I talked to one lady at the last Night Market who makes cutout shapes of Kentucky on wood,” Oates said. “She hadn’t even started her business yet but came out and that kind of got her foot in the door with a few people. Those types of experiences are really rewarding.”

Enactus has paired with local non-profit HOTEL INC, an organization focused on providing Warren County residents with housing, resources and food. During the event, Enactus will be collecting health products.

“This time of year they get a lot of food donations but they don’t get many health product donations,” Oates said. “We picked that up as our philanthropy event for the month.”

Though the Night Market accomplishes many things including supporting local businesses and providing help for those in need, it is also primarily an opportunity for community engagement.

“At the end of the day, that’s the ultimate goal: to have people come out and be a part of a community,” Oates said. “I want to see the vendors that come out be successful and get to know people. I think seeing people out there would be the most rewarding part.”

Bowling Green’s Winter Night Market will be from 2-7 p.m. Saturday at Stadium Park Plaza.

Reporter Laurel Deppen can be reached at 270-745-2655 and [email protected].