Local doula guides families through pregnancies

Jennifer West visits her client Patricia Ardary for her postpartum visit to see how she and Logan Bradley Hawkins were doing since the birth. She asked an array of questions, and even helped check on Adary’s cesarean incision that opened up. “Would you like for me to help you with it while someone is here with you? I don’t want you to do it while you’re alone,” West said.


Bowling Green resident Jennifer West is a mother of five and doula. A doula is an emotional and physical support person that helps women and their partners through the process of their birth. West is currently in Midwifery School taking online classes at the Midwives College of Utah.

“Birth is a pivotal life experience for most women,” West said. “It is something that can be empowering or traumatic. I’ve experienced both sides of that. My hope is that all women will feel empowered b their birth experiences, and that they will feel as though they are supported in their choices. I love that through my hob I am supporting women and helping them find those choices. My birth experiences shaped who I am as a mother, in many ways, and I hope to help support other women through their birth experiences, so that they can begin motherhood feeling strong, confident and empowered.”

Photos and story by Ebony Cox