Que Pasa Tacos offers 24-hour dining

Que Pasa Tacos is a Mexican food restaurant that is open to everyone for 24 hours. Que Papa Tacos can be seen along Nashville Rd. along with surrounding restaurants like Taco Bell and Dairy Queen.

Griffin Fletcher

Que Pasa Tacos is a 24-hour Mexican food restaurant that opened Oct. 4. Located along Nashville Road, Que Pasa’s all-day service and proximity to WKU make it a potential late-night destination for hungry college students across campus.

Que Pasa offers a wide variety of well-known Mexican dishes, yet still features some surprises, such as the option of lengua (beef tongue) as the primary meat of numerous meal preparations and the existence of a Mexican breakfast menu.

Que Pasa functions as both a drive-thru and sit-down restaurant, but differs from many other fast-food restaurants in that its in-house service is offered on a 24-hour basis.

Given this, students and late-night workers are able to order inside and enjoy a sit-down meal at Que Pasa way past midnight.

Before even walking into Que Pasa, the bright yellow walls and colorful tables and chairs located inside draw customers’ attention immediately.

Next, customers might notice Que Pasa’s dining quarters are surprisingly spacious, providing easy access to the register, where customers are greeted by one or more Que Pasa workers and then asked to order.

Despite the negative connotation commonly attached to the quality of food served at most 24-hour fast-food restaurants, Que Pasa presents its food elegantly, considering even its most expensive dish fails to cost over $10.

In the case of its tacos, each one is made with two corn tortillas and includes a choice of meat, diced onion and cilantro, with lime and radish slices on the side.

The combination of well-seasoned meat, onion and lime-streaked tortilla transforms what was a fast-food taco into a meal well-worth $1.79. Throw in a side of freshly made guacamole or Mexican rice for added effect.

In saying that, larger portion sizes and a greater variety of possible taco toppings would serve Que Pasa well. However, in consideration of the abundance of cheap and less than picky college students in Bowling Green, such a deal has potential.

Though Cook Out, a very popular fast-food restaurant among WKU students, is located barely a mile away from Que Pasa, Cook Out closes from 3-10:30 a.m. Because Que Pasa is open 24-hours and also serves breakfast, customers in search of a meal after 3 a.m. or a chorizo breakfast burrito have finally found their answer.

Also, though a small and often overlooked detail, students interested in healthier food options can buy a shredded chicken or fish taco at Que Pasa, avoiding the largely (albeit deliciously) fried cuisine Cook Out has to offer.

Cook Out has made it obvious that inexpensive, late-night food has staying power in Bowling Green. Que Pasa has the price, location and quality to attract not only WKU students but also Bowling Green residents who like good food for a good price.

If Que Pasa can prove its food is both tasty and worth the cost, Que Pasa has the chance to become another fun and leisurely dining spot for students and adults within the Bowling Green community.

Reporter Griffin Fletcher can be reached at 270-745-2655 and [email protected].