OPINION: Taste the rainbow at La Michoacana

Chris DiMeo

English | Español

For those lamenting the end of the bright and bustling summer season and the coming of the droll and dreary winter, worry not. You can still cherish the spirit of summer with the incredibly diverse colors and flavors at La Michoacana!

Occupying an unmarked storefront in Buckhead Plaza on Campbell Lane, this authentic Mexican dessert shop appears unassuming at first, but once you step inside its doors, the experience is completely transformed. The only way to accurately describe it is an explosion of color. Everything, from the walls, to the lights, to the eye-popping array of treats behind the counter, is awash with rainbow. What’s more, equally as colorful is the diversity of options to enjoy.

Of course, no “heladería,” or ice cream shop, would be complete without the titular sweet treat, and La Michoacana is no exception. The shop offers a wide variety of different flavors, from the standard fare seen in an American Baskin Robbins, such as vanilla, chocolate or chocolate chip, as well as specialties unique to the Mexican palate, for example, “Mexican Twinkie” or rum raisin. And while Mexican dessert neophytes such as myself may be surprised to find that the ice cream served here has less of a sugary or creamy taste than that of the typical American ice cream shop, I actually preferred this lighter flavor because it doesn’t leave you with that feeling of guilt that comes with downing an entire quart of heavy cream via waffle cone.

However, I have to say that the true MVPs of the menu were the popsicles, of which La Michoacana serves two types: sweet fruit popsicles, made with 100 percent real fruit and whole slices of strawberry, mango, kiwi and more frozen inside as well as more savory pops dipped in chocolate, then sprinkled with a menagerie of colorful toppings such as sprinkles, nuts and shredded coconuts. Both types, in addition to being mouth-wateringly delicious, are remarkable in their use of color that is sure to captivate the imagination of children, making this a great place to take a family.

But La Michoacana doesn’t stop at being colorful in appearance and flavor alone. It also stands out in accessibility to a diverse customer base because all of its staff members speak Spanish and English.

So, all in all, because of its diverse and colorful menu, as well as its equally welcoming atmosphere, I found La Michoacana to be the kind of culinary experience that can appeal to anyone. Whether you’re a Spanish-speaker and Mexican dessert connoisseur or you just want to try something new, there’s a dessert with your name on it at La Michoacana!