Sticky Business

The WKU Big Red Beekeepers received two donated packages from the Kelley Bee Company filled with three pounds of Italian Honey bees on Sunday at the Office of Sustainability. The Beekeepers meet every second Friday at 1:30 p.m. to discuss environmental improvements that each species of bees has to offer.

WKU Big Red Beekeepers received 10,000 new Italian Honey Bees. The bees were donated by the Kelley Bee Company out of Grayson County. Only one queen to rule them all, each bee has a specific job  in the hive. The first year in the hive is about collecting the bees,  and the second year is about collecting honey. The bees will be kept at the Office of Sustainability,  so stop on by if you want to become a believer in what is the new buzz on the Hill.