Big Tops

Frieda Pages preforms an act with the elephants and camels on Saturday, Feb. 18 at the National Guard Armory during the Circus Pages show. Circus Pages has been around for 27 years and they preform two shows every day for nine months out of the year.

By Kathryn Ziesig

Circus Pages came to the Bowling Green National Guard Armory this past weekend to perform their latest acts for the community.

Circus Pages comes to Bowling Green each year for two days and attracts people of all ages to come see their show. Circus Pages performs with a wide variety of animals including camels, horses, elephants, dogs, lions and other big cats.

People filed in each day with their kids and families and participated in pre-show activities like face painting, elephant and pony rides, eating typical circus food and more.

The circus also prides itself on its wide variety of acts. The group’s show lasts an hour and a half and includes many different acts such as aerialists, juggling, clowns, Earhart’s Globe of Death and more.

Bowling Green resident and parent Matt Edwards, 35, came to the circus on Saturday with his daughter Cady Edwards, 3, and his wife Jen Edwards, 34. “We come every time they have it,” Matt said.

According to the Circus Pages website, it has been produced by Jose Pages for over 25 years. Jorge Pages, grandson of Jose and one of the performers, said they travel nine months out of the year and perform two shows each day.

Performer Mercedes Pages, 18, said she has been traveling and performing in the circus with her family her entire life. Pages preforms in a variety of the different acts and, like the rest of the performers, helps with other tasks during the show, like face painting.