Women’s campus ministry to open chapter at WKU

Sally Wegert

A new campus ministry will open its doors to women at WKU at a kickoff event on next Monday, Feb. 13, at 5:30 p.m. in Downing Student Union.

Delight Ministries, an organization which originated in Nashville, was started by two Belmont University students and has since opened chapters on over 65 university campuses in the United States. The mission of Delight Ministries is to “invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories,” according to its website.

In late September of 2016, Marisa Williams, a 20-year-old student and Bowling Green native, decided to act on an impulse and began  a women’s bible study of her own. After following the Delight Ministries’ co-directors’ Instagram accounts for some time, Williams became familiar with the organization and felt it would foster a positive community on WKU’s campus.

“There are sororities and other things for college women and those are great communities, but Delight seeks to bring women from all different sides of campus together on a larger scale,” Williams said. “We want to be as intentional about fellowship and loving each other as we are about following God’s word .”

The two Belmont University students who created Delight Ministries, Mackenzie Baker and Mackenzie Wilson, still involve themselves in Delight chapters outside of their own. Baker, co-founder and self-titled “Relationship Director,” conferenced  with Williams over the phone in preparation for WKU’s Delight chapter kickoff event.

“They’ve been a really great support system,” Williams said. “They are always checking in and helping get everything in order.”

With 43 campus ministries officially registered at WKU, Williams expressed having difficulty raising awareness of Delight’s arrival on campus. Brooke Barnes, a freshman from Logan County had not heard of Delight Ministries but expressed interest in the concept behind the organization.

“I think it sounds like a cool idea,” Barnes said. “Almost like a girls’ club.” 

Barnes is currently involved with Christian Student Fellowship at WKU, but said she would be interested to go to Delight’s kickoff event.

In the process of becoming an official campus organization, Williams recruited three other students and two faculty advisers to take part in coordinating the Delight chapter, naming herself as the team director. With under two weeks remaining before the event, Williams is hopeful in expecting a turnout of “at least 20 people,” and is organizing snack food, games  and a selfie-style photo booth for the party.

“However many people God wants to put there is fine,” Williams said, sighing and sipping a Starbucks coffee. “If this ministry ends up helping even one person get closer to God, then that’s amazing.”

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