The Spectrum of Music

Spectators head upstairs to the balcony seating to watch the twenty-second annual Prism concert on Thursday January 27, 2017 at Van Meter Hall.

Story by Evan Mattingly

As the audience filled Van Meter Hall on Friday night, the 22nd annual PRISM concert was nothing short of spectacular. Demonstrating a wide variety of music, enhanced lighting, and choreographed transfers, students performed flawlessly in the fast-paced environment. Performances from the WKU Jazz Band, Steel Drum Band, Red Shirts, Guitar Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and the Treble Makers roused the crowd and left many in suspense.

Unlike any concert, PRISM prides itself on being unique therefore the aisles between the audience were filled by the WKU Marching Band, as they played “Stand Up and Cheer.” The genres vary from classical to pop-culture jams.

“I like it when the marching band comes out, it makes me excited to come here,” Ashley Rowland, a freshman at Warren Central High School, said.

Between each performance, amusing musical puns fill the speakers, leaving no

room for wandering attention spans. The WKU music department shows just what

they are capable of in a short amount of time and with PRISM, they expose the

true level of creativity and skill. Once you see it, you will end up wanting