Planetarium to receive repairs to roof

Photo by John Reecer/WKU Herald. 

John Reecer

WKU’s Hardin Planetarium is currently undergoing repairs to the domed building’s roof.

Project Manager Dan Chaney described the repairs as “very minor” and “more maintenance than a construction project.”

“It’s going to receive a new coating on the dome and we are doing some repair work to any of the damaged areas to repair that surface to receive that coating,” Chaney said. “It’s probably a 30-day duration.”


Planetarium coordinator Ronn Kistler said that the previous damage has never caused any problems to the interior of the planetarium, as there have never been any leaks or other problems with the roof.  

“It has it needed it for at least a year now,” Kistler said about the roof repairs. “It was patched once before, long ago, but some of those patches are hard to patch cement with cement. It’s hard to make it stick, and some of those patches started to crumble and fall out a year ago.”

“That’s all they are doing at the moment,” Kistler said. “Having a new roof that is solid is always a good thing. It does need to be replaced so we are glad they are doing that.”

Despite the repairs, the planetarium is still open to the public for free shows every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.