How to dress your best with a limited amount of storage

Scout Hardin


So you live in a dorm? We all know how depressing that can be. Your ramen constantly goes missing — you suspect your roommate is a noodle-thieving ninja — you’re forced to sleep on the top bunk and, worst of all, you have only a ridiculously small cubby to use as a “closet.” Well, when life gives you lemons — or a very tiny dresser — you make lemonade.

Know this: having great style doesn’t require a huge closet. You know what makes you fashionable? Classic basics and a little creativity.

Begin with decluttering. Haven’t worn that dress in the past six months? Donate it! Remember the blouse with the red wine stain? Toss it to the curb! We can all get a bit sentimental when it comes to our clothes, but now it’s time to take a step back and objectively decide whether or not you are going to wear it.

Having too many items in your closet is not only overwhelming but also hinders people from being resourceful and making new clothing combinations.

Once your closet is streamlined, time to go shopping! And yes, I know I just told you to minimize, but without making sure you have a few key basics, all those trips to Goodwill will have been in vain. Let your mother finally buy you that white button-down she so desperately wants you to wear. Invest in a good pair of jeans and a denim jacket. Simple items in solid colors are perfect for mixing and matching with your other, more exciting pieces.

After you have given your new and improved wardrobe the onceover, it’s time to clean up. Embrace the tiny closet! Buy baskets to organize your undies and socks. Put those nifty little command strips on the outer walls; this is extra handy for belts. Spare stackable boxes are great for storing shoes.

Dressing well doesn’t equate oodles of expensive clothes. Money can buy you a fancy closet, but it can’t buy taste. Raise your glass — of lemonade, of course — and give a toast to tiny closets with big style!