Living an RA life: Kyler Hart

Kyler Hart, 20, from Elizabethtown Kentucky, works at the main desk at McCormick Hall as a resident adviser, Wednesday March 23. Hart, a sophomore business informatics major, has been an adviser since the middle of his second semester at WKU. McCormick houses all males and mostly freshmen, of which Har is proud of his duties to greet new students and have a positive impact on their college experiences. “I am the first person they see when they get to campus,” Hart said, describing one of the best things about being an RA, “Meeting new people and having a positive impact on their lives. I didn’t realize I would like it as much as I did,’Hart said. I am glad I did it[became and RA]. The reason you are here is to help. I like to take pride in helping my guys.” Hart hopes to achieve an MBA after graduating with his bachelor’s degree and eventually become a hall director. Joseph Barkoff/HERALD

Emma Austin

When you live on campus, issues are sure to arise. Whether it’s a roommate conflict, broken furniture or a toilet with water that won’t stop rising, the transition to independence can be difficult. Luckily, on-campus residents have someone to make this transition go smoothly: their resident assistant.

Elizabethtown sophomore Kyler Hart is in his second full semester as an RA at McCormack Hall. Hart said his favorite part of the job is seeing how freshmen change during their first year of college.

“I like seeing people grow and develop from when they get here, so that’s really rewarding,” Hart said.

Although Hart initially applied for the position to meet new people and get his own room, he said he has developed many essential skills since he became an RA.

“If you actually put forth the effort to be as good of an RA as you can be, it requires a lot of time,” Hart said.

Juggling classes with work can be challenging, he said, but it has taught him how to manage his time well.

Zach Marcum, assistant resident hall director of McCormack Hall, said Hart manages his time to the minute.

“Kyler is a very unique RA and an incredible young man,” Marcum said. “It is when an RA decides to be the best that they can be that they inevitably become like him.”

In addition to working at the front desk, putting up bulletin boards and creating door decorations, Hart said, one of his main responsibilities is to be available to residents whenever they need help.

“I’d like to be known on my floor as someone who my residents can rely on and be able to trust with their questions,” he said.

He said he gets asked everything, including questions about campus and about what to wear the next day.

Hart said he tries to stay in his room as often as he can to make himself available to offer help and connect with residents.

“He is able to connect to a very diverse population of residents in ways that a typical college student would struggle [with],” Marcum said.

Though he was nervous at the beginning of his first semester as an RA, Hart said other staff members helped ease his transition into the new job. 

He also said he has had great hall directors since starting as an RA.

“They have all shaped me into who I am today both inside and outside of the job,” he said. Hart said he plans on being an RA until he graduates, at which time he hopes to become a hall director.

Hart said his dream job is to be the chief technology officer of an organization. He said he plans on attending graduate school to get a Master of Business Administration degree.

“Being an RA has taught me a lot of valuable skills,” Hart said. “You learn how to budget your time effectively; it teaches you communication skills. I’d recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good challenge.”