Fight Night

Andrew Wall, 22, of Louisville, is given a pep talk from trainer and corner man Chris Peege, 22, of Louisville. “This is your last fight, forget all the bullshit and go out there and fight,” Peege said. Michael Noble Jr./HERALD

Hit ’em with the left Hit ’em with the right


When fighting can bring us together rather than tear us apart, something special happens. At Sigma Chi’s annual Fight Night, college students clash in the ring for a great cause.

Weeks, sometimes even months, of training culminate in two nights of boxing matches that pit fraternities against each other while raising thousands of dollars for cancer research. Last year’s Fight Night raised $36,000 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

The event can get wild, but the competitive spirit is matched by a dose of sportsmanship that sees fighters tap gloves or embrace after most fights.

Since fall, Sigma Chi members have been planning for Fight Night. In the past, the event has been such a hit that they have sent brothers to other Sigma Chi chapters to teach fundraising. The tradition of Fight Night successes will likely continue for years to come.