Welcome in the new season with opportunity

Mollie Moore


Aries: This is your month. Don’t worry about any of the doubts you have about yourself. Just listen to your gut; your instinct is correct.

Taurus: Spring has sprung, and you’ve sprung with it. Calm down. You aren’t in love; you’re just smitten.

Gemini: Your emotions are as temperamental as the weather. When you get too worked up, take a second and breathe because no one needs your raging negativity right now.

Cancer: It’s getting warmer, so get happy! The winter weather is subsiding and you need to get outside and lift your mood.

Leo: Repeat this to yourself: “everything will be okay.” I promise. You might feel as though you’re drowning in all your responsibilities, but there is freedom coming soon, and that freedom will be so, so sweet.

Virgo: Don’t worry, everyone gets this stressed at this point in the semester. However, not everyone lets it get to them this badly. You’ll be fine if you just respect your own boundaries.

Libra: You’re shining your brightest this month, and you can feel it. Don’t let it get to your head, though. Your modesty is a part of your charm.

Scorpio: Please be good to yourself. Being down in the dumps isn’t always the most productive use of your time, especially right now. You need to get it together and get to work.

Sagittarius: Don’t worry, you’ll be out into the rest of the world in no time. The semester is almost over, and soon you will be able to do as you please.

Capricorn: Take your time making decisions this month. The offers will wait for you if they are meant to be, and if not, just let them go. You need to be careful; this is your future we’re talking about.

Aquarius: Your dreams are finally being realized, and it’s time to celebrate. Let your responsibilities go for just a weekend and give yourself a break because you deserve it.

Pisces: Stop moping about your missed opportunities and put yourself back out there! Whether it’s your love life or your job prospects after graduation, you only have your future ahead of you.