Planning for spring break often last minute, still enjoyable

Brittiny Moore

With spring break just a few weeks away and Bowling Green’s weather covering the ground with snow and ice, many students are eagerly making final plans to take advantage of the cold weather or seek somewhere warmer.

Whether your plans take you to the slopes or to a sunny beach, planning a trip at the last minute can be overwhelming.

Chavis McDermott, Greensburg senior, said he is excited about his trip with Cru and fellow Sigma Nu fraternity members to Destin, Florida, this spring break.

“We are pairing with churches doing mission work on the beach,” McDermott said.“It’s a great opportunity to increase our brotherhood and share our faith down in Florida.”

To prepare for the trip, McDermott said, one of the first things he had to do was get time off work from O’Charley’s.

He hasn’t started packing his tank tops and board shorts yet, and he still hasn’t decided exactly how he will get to Destin.

To top off these challenges, McDermott said that as a senior, he’s had to make tough decisions about whether or not he can afford the trip with graduation right around the corner.

McDermott said he made his final decision to join Cru in Destin after remembering his previous mission trip to Daytona, Florida.

“It changed my life and was a wonderful opportunity to build my faith,” McDermott said.

Many students have been in a similar position, wondering if a week of fun and relaxation is worth bombing the inevitable test on Monday.

Steel Morss, a senior from Franklin, Tennessee, said he’s less worried about his last-minute planning to White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire and more worried about the weather allowing a week of hiking and camping.

“It’s a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing,” Morss said.

Morss hopes to make his final plans, including buying a plane ticket, by the end of this week if the New Hampshire weather looks like it will permit.

“I don’t have much invested, so if it doesn’t happen, it will in the fall,” he said. “There is about a 30 percent chance I’ll go right now.”

This year’s unpredictable weather affected several students’ plans.

Even though her family had been planning a trip to Chicago since June 2015, Bardstown freshman Nina Ronstadt said her family will wait to set their plans in stone until they know more about weather conditions.

“We are afraid the weather won’t be good for the trip,” Ronstadt said.

While Ronstadt has been busy looking into restaurants and museums and getting ready for less than sunny weather, she said her family typically procrastinates on spring break plans.

“We usually don’t make any reservations until the week before,” she said.

However, following a surprising trend among last-minute planners, Ronstadt said her family is not stressed about lacking concrete plans.

“We do the same thing every year, basically — just in different locations,” Ronstadt said.