CAB hosts Black History Trivia night

Brittiny Moore

Feb. 1 marked the beginning of Black History Month, a month dedicated to the celebration of African-American culture and the black community.

In honor of Black History Month, the multicultural committee of the WKU Campus Activities Board are partnering with the executive board of the Black Leadership and Academic Conference to host a “Black History Trivia” game night.

Students, staff and faculty will all have the opportunity to team up or battle alone and play trivia games while also learning about the history of WKU’s black community on Feb. 17 at 6 p.m. in Downing Student Union room 3020.

“I believe these events are important because it educates members of the WKU community on WKU’s history as it pertains to the African-American community,” Student Activities coordinator and game night organizer Josclynn Brandon said.

While some participants will walk away with prizes, both the CAB and Brandon hope participants will see the greater value in the game.

“With the black history trivia, [students] will gain a lot of knowledge about different things that African-American students here on WKU’s campus have done,” CAB president and Louisville junior LaRosa Shelton said. “There are some extraordinary things because they’ve been the first to do a lot.”

Brandon also hopes the game night will inspire all students by showing the accomplishments of others.

“I hope students walk away feeling both informed and inspired by what can be accomplished on a college campus as it pertains to student leadership and engagement,” Brandon said.

CAB was also slated to show the movie “Higher Learning,” a film depicting racial tension on a university campus, on Monday, Feb. 15 but was unable to due to the univertisy’s closure.  Even though the film was released in the ’90s, Wilder sophomore and CAB vice president of public relations Megan Hamberg thinks the movie is more relevant today.

“I think it’s important to bring issues to people’s attention because some people might not be aware,” Hamberg said.

Following the film will be a discussion featuring guest speaker Lacretia Dye, assistant professor in the department of counseling and student affairs.

“It’s good to bring it to people’s attention and have a discussion about it to start generating thoughts about how people can make a difference and change that environment,” Hamberg said.

Shelton said CAB is dedicated to exhibiting diversity and making sure every culture on campus is represented.

“I think Black History Month is definitely something that means a lot to African-American students here on campus,” Shelton said. “We want to make sure that they are represented too.”

CAB hopes everyone will participate in celebrating black culture.

“It gives a specific culture time to show struggles that they’ve had in the past and how they’ve overcome them,” Hamberg said. “There’s been so much that’s happened that it’s a month to realize all the growth that’s happened.”

Those interested in “Black History Trivia” can pick up study guides in the Student Activities office in DSU 2059 to prepare for the games and learn about WKU’s black history.

“As an African-American, I celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of my community year-long,” Brandon said. “Black History Month is just a time when the rest of the country does the same.”