Former ‘Hilltopper’ quartet member returns for SLL event

Monica Brown

The only surviving member of the 1950s quartet, The Hilltoppers, returns to the Hill Wednesday, Nov. 4.  

Don McGuire will present at the Food for Thought program hosted by the Society for Lifelong Learning. McGuire will present “You Never Take All the Makeup Off,” detailing his memories and experiences of being in the quartet. 

The event will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Society of Lifelong Learning Program Manager Cindy Ehresman said she expects to hear a lot about McGuire’s experiences. 

“He’s going to share his memories of his rise to fame,” Ehresman said. “They were just these four college students that were going to Western and when it was all said and done, they were the number one singing group in the country.” 

Ehresman expects a turn out of about 180 people, more than half of which aren’t members of SLL. She said some of the crowd will be those associated with McGuire or of those who remember him in his glory days.

“I would like to hear from someone who’s been on the Ed Sullivan Show, and can tell stories about Perry Como. For our target audience it’s pretty cool,” Ehresman said.

The Society of Lifelong Learning gives a sense of community to its members through events such as this one. 

“Our Food for Thought [programs] are open to the public, so not just to our members but they can bring guests and friends,” Ehresman said. “People who are interested in learning more about the society can come to one of those events.”

 A previous version of the story said the event would take place on November 3. The event takes place on November 4. The article has been corrected. The Herald regrets the error.