MajorRedz to host first ever talent show

Marcel Mayo

This semester the MajorRedz are hosting their very first talent show event called “Major Madness: A Talent Showcase.” 

The showcase will be Thursday, Oct. 22 in the Downing Student Union auditorium at 7:30 p.m. The informational meeting for the talent showcase will be Monday, Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. in DSU room 3006 for any students interested in participating in the talent show.

There will also be a cash prize for the first-place winner. 

Josclynn Brandon, MajorRedz advisor and coordinator for diversity at the Office of Leadership & Volunteerism, said the talent showcase is a fundraising event.

“The idea for the talent show came from one of the girls,” Brandon said. “We were brainstorming various fundraising events.” 

The MajorRedz held other events to help with their funding. 

“The girls had their first carwash Saturday, Aug. 22. It was extremely successful, so now it’s getting colder and we need something that’s not going to be outside,” said Brandon. 

Brandon said the girls pay for everything – uniforms, stockings and boots – out of pocket.

The girls usually spend around $500 to pay for everything they need.

“College students just don’t have large disposable income. It takes money to make money,” Brandon said.

They’re also in the process of setting up a clinic for the summer so elementary-aged girls can try Majorette style dancing.

“A clinic is something we hope to have next summer,” Brandon said.

MajorRedz made their first appearance on campus back in 2010. At that time, it was just a group of girls performing around campus and doing various events. 

“I do not remember the exact year they got to start dancing at the football games. I think it was 2012 or 2013,” Brandon said.

Performers in the talent showcase will pay a participation fee. Groups of one to five people will be $10, groups of six to 10 people will be $15, and groups of 11 or more people will be $20. 

“Anyone can do the talent show. It’s open to students and faculty and staff,” Brandon said. 

Louisville senior and MajorRedz coach Jade Wilson said anyone can register for the talent show.  

Evansville, Indiana, junior and MajorRedz captain Jessica Jackson said the talent showcase is open to all forms of talent.

 “Anybody can participate,” Wilson said. “Spoken word, dancers, singers, monologues — just anything you think the school needs to see.”

The MajorRedz hope to benefit from this event more than just financially.

“We also want our name to be known around campus and for people to recognize us as more than just a dance team,” Jackson said.