Campus for Ogden College nears completion

Shantel-Ann Pettway

Last semester, the Thompson Complex North Wing was demolished, making room for a new science building expected to undergo construction in December.

This construction is part of the “master plan” to remodel the mathematics and science campus.

The planning, design and construction (PD&C) department has reached 50 percent completion for construction documents that include the schematic design, construction plans and the complete programming design, Chief Facilities Officer Bryan Russell said.

Cheryl Stevens, the dean of Ogden College of Science and Engineering, is enthusiastic about the new science building and all it will offer students.

“Other professors and I have worked with them (PD&C) every step of the way, when it came to what we wanted in each department,” Stevens said.

The smallest details were also covered by Stevens and the science and engineering faculty.

“We were even able to suggest where benches would go based on how we felt students would flow into the new building,” Stevens said.

Ogden Hall will be the name of the new four-story, 77,000-square-foot science building.

There will be a breezeway that connects the new Ogden Hall to Snell Hall, said Russell.

The building will have student lounges on every floor, a dean’s suite and a student success center, said Stevens.

PD&C anticipates construction bidding to take place in October or November. This will be a public bid.

Russell believes there will be about five or six large construction companies bidding on the work.

The construction is expected to be completed for classes in the fall of 2017.

Stevens isn’t concerned about classes being disrupted as the building is being constructed.

“Most of the loud bulldozing and heavy work should be complete before students resume classes,” Stevens said.

The entire project is projected to be complete in 2018 after minor renovations to Kelly Thompson Complex Center Wing and the Hardin Planetarium are finished.

Stevens and other Ogden College staff and faculty have hopes of creating a home away from home for students by constructing the new building.

“I want students to live there,” said Stevens.