Office of the Chief Information Technology Officer broken into

Andrew Henderson

A break-in occurred Sunday at the Office of the Chief Information Technology Officer in Mass Media and Technology Hall. 

Gordon Johnson, chief information technology officer, was the first to notice the break-in when he came into his office Sunday evening and noticed the door to the main office suite was left open. He noted that several drawers in the office had been rifled through. 

“It looks like the individual, from what we can tell, came into all of the offices,” Johnson said. “All the offices had drawers open.”

He said the unknown individual came into the Information Technology Office twice that day. The individual first came in at 6 a.m. Sunday and then around noon the same day. Elizabeth Paris, manager, Budgets & Resources for the Office of the Chief Information Technology Officer, said that with Mass Media being a 24/7 facility this is a concern.

“Being a 24/7 building you’re always thinking about that,” Paris said. 

Johnson stated that a procurement card was stolen from the office. According to WKU’s Guidelines and Procedures for the Purchasing Card System, the card, “is a tool that reduces transaction costs, facilitates timely acquisition of materials and supplies.” 

 In simplified terms, the card allows holders to make purchases up to a certain amount without requiring departmental or board approval. 

Capt. Dominic Ossello of the WKU Police Department said the break-in was reported to them on Monday. Since then, WKUPD has gathered available surveillance footage to aid them in identifying the perpetrator.  

“We’ve got some CCTV footage we’re reviewing and looking into possible suspects,” Ossello said. 

The CCTV footage the department was able to review aided them in identifying a potential suspect.

“We’ve got someone we’re looking at,” Ossello said.