Sex in a Fishbowl forum spurs dialogue about sex

Paducah senior Ariel Robinson reacts to a sensitive question being asked at Sex in a Fishbowl, a sexual awareness event hosted by Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Event coordinators separated men and women and took turns listening to their answers to anonymous questions about sex. William Kolb/HERALD

Rachel Phelps

Men and women had an open, lighthearted dialogue about sex and relationships on Tuesday night, but the talk became heated when the topic of harassment came up. 

The event was Sex in a Fishbowl, hosted by Phi Beta Sigma fraternity in Downing Student Union. 

The room was divided, with men and women sitting on opposite sides of the room facing each other. As students walked in, they were given a slip of paper to anonymously write down questions for the opposite sex to answer. 

During the forum, slips were drawn from a fishbowl and read for students to answer. Questions ranged from “What is your definition of love?” to “Does size really matter?” and anywhere in between.

The atmosphere was full of laughter and joking as the questions were answered by the more than 30 students in attendance. The questions were broad in topic and opinions varied.

The discussion became particularly heated at times, especially when the topic approached whether or not a girl is ‘asking’ to be touched if she is wearing revealing clothing. 

Several students argued that she has to be expecting some sort of harassment to happen, while others argued that a girl should be allowed to wear what she wants without worrying about unwanted contact. 

Louisville sophomore Dexter Crowdus said something he learned from the event is that people generalize. 

“I feel like there was a lot of that going on,” he said.

Louisville senior Marrquon Bartee, a member of Phi Beta Sigma, said they started hosting this event because they had noticed other forums on sex tended to be more serious. 

“We wanted to mix things up just to make it more fun,” he said. “We hope people learn a little more about the opposite sex and have a good time.”