Fun times in store with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Jackson French

Based on an obscure part of the Marvel universe, “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a wild thrill ride with a lot to offer even to those sick to death of superhero movies.

While “Guardians” revolves around larger-than-life heroics, impressive special effects and epic battles, it sets itself apart from the rest of Marvel Studios’ output with a cosmic setting and a humorous spin on the modern superhero movie formula.

This time around, the heroes are vastly different from the altruistic champions that usually grace these films. Instead, the protagonists in “Guardians” span a variety of criminals and lowlifes who must reluctantly band together. A human space thief, played by Chris Pratt, a green-skinned assassin, Zoe Saldana, and even a trigger-happy, talking raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper stand at the forefront of this colorful and delightfully roguish cast.

“Guardians” has a more comedic edge than any other Marvel adaptation. Head scriptwriters James Gunn and Nicole Perlman know that a movie with a talking raccoon as one of the main characters shouldn’t take itself too seriously. With Pratt, a seasoned comic actor, in the lead role, “Guardians” often comes off as both a space opera and a parody of space opera conventions simultaneously. 

The galaxy itself is a whimsical place full of all sorts of strange people and locations. It seems not only is anything possible, but nothing is even the least bit preposterous. “Guardians” never slows down and its madcap adventurous spirit is a big part of its charm. 

The humor in “Guardians” is frequently fused with engaging action. Hand-to-hand combat, frenzied shoot-outs and massive vehicular battles are all on the table. Everything is brought to life with breathtaking CGI.

Wanting nothing more than to be as much fun as possible, “Guardians” is packed with plenty of bombastic thrills from beginning to end. Even the occasional lapses in logic can be easily forgotten in the fast-flowing stream of fun.