Dry Clean Only: ‘Mean Girls’ fashion still timely after a decade

(Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

Kae Holloway

Let me tell you something about “Mean Girls.” It was the best movie of 2004. I know, right? It’s so fetch. I don’t even… Whatever. So then on Wednesday, so many people wore pink and everyone else like weirdly didn’t get it. Like, we were all wearing pink and saying fetch, and they’d be like “why do you like Mean Girls so much?” And I’d be like “Why are you so obsessed with me?”

Sorry, Regina, but fetch definitely happened on April 30. The day marked the 10th anniversary of the early 2000’s classic, “Mean Girls.” With an all-star cast including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, the movie has become a staple of our generation. 

This was our “Heathers,” with “Mean Girls” director Mark Waters taking clues from his brother’s 1988 Winona Ryder classic. “Mean Girls” depicted high school hierarchy with vicious scheming, backstabbing and lots of pink. But not as much murder as its late 80s counterpart.

Stars of this film have experienced varying levels of successes since “Mean Girls.” McAdams went on to star in the romance movie of the decade: “The Notebook.” Lohan has had her ups and downs since her Cady Heron days, now staring in her own show for OWN. Poehler and Fey have both gone to play lead roles in their own respective comedy shows for NBC. Fey starred for seven seasons as the iconic Liz Lemon in “30 Rock.” Poehler became the hardworking, park loving Leslie Knope in “Parks and Recreation.”

Now, since this is being published after the internationally celebrated Day of Mean Girls, I can only hope that true tribute was played to the Plastics and everyone wore pink. but if not, there’s still plenty of days to dress like you belong at North Shore. Just make sure you know where to sit in the lunch room.

Cady Heron

Cady’s style evolves as much as her character does throughout the movie. Starting off as an unassuming, innocent girl from Africa wearing frumpy, ill-fitting tops and her mother’s handmade bracelet, she transforms into a less hot glamazon version of Regina, finishing out the movie with a more toned down look that’s entirely her own.

Dressing like this regulation hottie is all dependent upon which part of her story you’re going for. Overall, though, if you’re wanting a little Cady in your wardrobe, invest in cardigans, the color red, a good pair of jeans and at least one good mini skirt (hey, you know she didn’t get rid of ALL those Plastic clothes at the end of the movie)

 The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

Damien and Janis stay true to themselves and their style throughout the movie. Damien dons basic button ups, graphic tees and jeans for most of the movie, excluding his fabulous all purple tux for prom.

Janis’ style is a combination of early 90s grunge and a little bit of goth. Her heavy eye make-up, dyed black hair and ripped, layered graphic tees classify her character as one who isn’t afraid to be herself. 

Dressing like her is simple: wear lots of black, rip up your Nirvana tee a little bit and rock a pair of high top Chucks. Disclaimer: if you’re wearing a Nirvana shirt, make sure you know more Nirvana songs than just “Smells like Teen Spirit.”

And the worst: The Plastics

While all the Plastics dress similarly, each adds her own unique flair to the standard Plastics uniform.

Regina George always has a little bit of an edge to her outfit. While her minions Gretchen and Karen are sticking to preppier, pastel outfits, the queen bee contrasts with dark pieces and that signature leather skirt.

Embody the most flawless diva to walk the North Shore halls by doing the same. Spice up your lightly colored tops with a leather skirt and some fun kitten heels.

As far as the other two are concerned, tap into your preppier side and invest in schoolgirl skirts, pink sweaters and lots of pleats.

Most importantly, however, dress in the way that makes you have the confidence of a Plastic with the individuality of an “art freak.” Don’t wear army pants and flip flops just because someone wore it. 

Be fetch, wear pink on Wednesdays and continue spreading the love of this movie. The limit for quoting this movie does not exist.