SGA passes bills for ID vouchers funding

Kaely Holloway

The Student Government Association wanted to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time during their weekly meeting.

Due to Tuesday’s home football game, where SGA members ran a Safe Ride promotional booth for tailgating and had a presentation during halftime, attendance was lighter and the meeting shorter than normal.

This did not, however, stop the organization from passing a resolution and a bill, and placing two more bills into first read.

Resolution 3-13-F, which concerns Internet usage policies, and Bill 2-13-F, regarding Identification Voucher funding, passed SGA deliberations and will advance through the legislative system over the coming week.

Bill 3-13-F, regarding Organizational Aid appropriating funding for a student organization, and Bill 4-13-4, regarding funding six winter term scholarship sessions, both went into first read.

Laura Harper, director of Public Relations, introduced Resolution 3-13-F to the Senate last week. The proposition seeks to support the amendment of university internet usage policies.

Harper’s legislation arose after the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education issued WKU a red light rating for violating students’ right to free speech. FIRE deemed the student handbook Computing Policy 12-13 a First Amendment violation.

“SGA is so much more than an organization that gives out free scantrons and distributes money around campus,” Harper said. “I think that it’s time that we make a really strong stance in favor of students’ rights.”

The resolution underwent SGA scrutiny during a “friendly amendments session,” with most questions regarding administration views on the subject.

Despite this, the resolution passed with only one dissenting vote.

Bill 2-13-F was also passed and with no opposition.

The bill allotted $500 from the Senate discretionary fund for identification vouchers. These vouchers can be used by students to purchase new IDs at a discounted price in the event they lose their original IDs. However, they may only obtain the voucher if it is the first time they have lost an ID.

Usually, bills require two reads before they are put to a vote. Bill 2-13-F bypassed the first read, reaching the floor for an immediate vote this week.

“I normally don’t like to push things straight into unfinished business, but this program is already about a month behind than it was last year,” Administrative Vice President Nicki Seay said before the bill passed.

A similar bill passed in SGA a few weeks ago, but the program was unable to begin.

“We finally did get the green light from the ID center to start the program,” Seay said.

The voucher takes $10 off the price of a new ID, dropping the price to $10.

“Last year, I think we hit right under $500, but they really promoted our program at MasterPlan, so I’ve allocated $500,” Seay said.

Organizational Aid put their bill into first read in efforts to approve money for the American Institute of Architecture Students and WKU Red Wave. If the bill passes at next week’s meeting, it will allocate $828 to the organizations.

According to the bill, $500 would go to the AIAS to fund eight student registration fees for their conferences and other expenses. WKU Red Wave would receive $320 to cover costs of promotional posters for campus and a promotional banner for use at various sporting events.

The bill, written by Seay, should go in to second read next week.

The second bill to go into first read would fund six winter session scholarships, amounting to $2,180.52 from the Student Affairs Scholarship Fund. Divided evenly, the scholarship would allocate $363.42 per scholarship, according to the bill. This should also go into second read in the coming meetings.