The Remote: Fantastic TV dramas to binge watch and where to find them

Ryan Pait

We all need some drama to balance out the hilarity of everyday life.

Previously, I offered up three comedy series that are perfect for binge-watching.

Here are three drama series (all also available on Netflix) that are the perfect complement to all that comedy viewing.

“Breaking Bad”

5 seasons, 54 episodes

“Breaking Bad” may technically be over, but its hallowed name will live forever in the world of streaming.

I know I’m itching to watch it all over again.

“Breaking Bad” is great for binge watching, mostly because it’s just full-on addictive.

Each episode feels intrinsically linked to the next, and at the end of each one, you’ll want to keep watching.

Don’t let the show’s drug-fueled plot drive you away, because “Breaking Bad” is so much more than that.

It’s a TV drama for the ages. It has minutely-detailed characters, astonishing plot lines and razor-sharp writing.

It also features some of the most astute acting I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn are consistently stunning in their roles.

“Breaking Bad” is basically the total methy package, and it’s perfect for streaming back to back to back to back for days on end.

“Mad Men”

5 seasons, 64 episodes

Looking to class up your life?

Try “Mad Men.”

Cable’s sexiest, smartest, ‘60s-est drama is also available for streaming on Netflix.

Taking place in the advertising world of New York in the wild and wicked ‘60s, “Mad Men” explores the social mores of the time.

It’s also one of the best dramas that TV has to offer — it didn’t win four consecutive Emmys for Best Drama Series for no reason.

“Mad Men” isn’t a plot-based show.

Sure, there are overarching movements that drive the show’s seasons.

But “Mad Men” truly excels in examining the motivations and minds of its characters.

And they’re some of the most lovably frustrating characters that TV has to offer.

It’s an incredibly absorbing show — the ‘60s setting is so atmospheric and authentic that you’ll never want to leave it.

Luckily, “Mad Men” has 64 episodes currently available, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

“House of Cards”

1 season, 13 episodes

“House of Cards” may not have a lot of episodes, but it’s literally built for streaming.

Really, though — “House of Cards” is a TV show that isn’t available on regular TV.

Like Netflix’s other original series “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards” is set up to work as a giant time suck.

It is 13 straight hours of pure political drama, made to be consumed as quickly as possible.

I gobbled it up over the course of three days and felt absolutely no shame.

Like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” “House of Cards” centers on a captivating anti-hero.

He’s played by the always watchable Kevin Spacey, full to the brim with charisma here.

Robin Wright also owns it with a turn as Spacey’s Lady Macbeth-inspired wife.

“House of Cards” may be about politics, but it’s far from politics as usual.

It’s sleek, stylish and it’ll leave you wanting more.