Crime reports for Aug. 22- Aug. 28

Jacob Parker


• Police arrested Louisville freshman Samuel Humston on an outstanding bench warrant for failure to appear in court on Aug. 26 in Grise Hall.

• Police arrested sophomore Matthew Floyd, Northeast Hall, for reckless driving and DUI on Aug. 25 on Kentucky Street.

• Police arrested Scott freshman Zachary Batus for alcohol intoxication in a public place on Aug. 23 in the Barnes-Campbell Hall lobby.

• Police arrested Bowling Green freshman Angel Ramos for alcohol intoxication in a public place outside room 221 in Keen Hall on Aug. 23.

• Police arrested Cameron Brown for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and trafficking of a controlled substance on Aug. 22 in the Pearce-Ford Tower courtyard.


• Brittany Cox reported observing three males break out the window of a parked vehicle in Adams Street lot on Aug. 28. The estimated value of the damage done to the vehicle was $200.

• Freshman Logan Hamblin, Barnes, reported that someone stole his iPhone from his room while he was in the shower on Aug. 27. The estimated value of the item stolen was $500.

• Justin Gillian reported someone stole his camera and camera lens while in Fresh Foods Company in Downing Student Union on Aug. 27. The estimated value of the items stolen in $4,800.

• Louisville freshman Hunter Geis was served a criminal summons for third degree criminal mischief on Aug. 26 on South Campus.

• Crestwood sophomore David Nolan was noticed operating his bicycle in a reckless manner on Aug. 24 while riding near the intersection of Chestnut Street and 14th Avenue. Upon contact with police, Nolan was determined to be under the influence of alcohol.

• Sophomore Madison Irwin, a student worker at the Preston Center, reported Zachary Van Zant and Taylor Bowling had items stolen from their lockers in the men’s locker room on Aug. 23. The total estimated value of the items stolen is $880.