Chic Chicks: Top Trends for Spring — Five things to add to your closet

Monta Reinfelde

You know how the first days of spring make your mood a little bit better and put a bounce in your step? Well, we can achieve the same effect with juicy colors, a new pair of strappy heals, floating fabrics and a bright lipstick.

Even though it’s up to you to mix and match your wardrobe for some unique looks in spring, the newest trends in fashion promise to take your breath away. So get ready, here it comes!

Fresh Peppermint

The usual white for spring, in 2013 has substituted fresh mint. If you are looking to start the season big and bold, mint is perfect in floaty, unstructured dresses, skirts and tops. The look seems effortless, but well put together. Almost every fashion magazine you can find swears on mint being the color of the year and best played off in boudoir-inspired silks.

Not all women can pull it off in large doses, therefore this color can always find a place in your wardrobe or beauty bag in the form of nail polish, scarves and even shoes.

Hippie Spirit

Fashion trends usually tend to come back in cycles, but the bohemian look in spring somehow sticks around for longer periods than the majority of styles. It might have something to do with the free-spirited mindset of spring that seems perfect in combination with feminine floral dresses and floppy hats.

In contrast with the starters of this trend back in the mid-1960s, today the hippie vibe in clothing has achieved a touch of luxurious and modern sensibility. However, to get any flowy and colorful outfit look to be bohemian, a couple of long, simple necklaces and a headband will always do the work.

Prints and Colors

Basically there are two choices this season — either you stick with solid colors in white, mint, bright orange and metallic, or you can go for prints in fun colors, paying special attention to birds, camo, brushstroke or black and white patterns. Either one is equally good — and IN this season.

However, the key nowadays is to strive for a unique look, not the one that screams “just off the catwalk.” Therefore, feel free to wear different prints all at once or the same color head to toe. Craziness is the new normal in fashion.

Girl meets boy

Male and female fashions have blurred so far that it is nothing unusual seeing a woman dressed like a man and the other way around. OK, it is incredibly unusual in Kentucky, but for those who think outside of the box — more towards the West Coast, East Coast or anyone who has opened any fashion magazine, this really isn’t a surprise. By the way, a skirt is Marc Jacob’s uniform and plenty of men have followed his lead!

But for women, outfits that are labeled as boyfriend jeans, boyfriend jackets or anything “boyfriend” are worth consideration. You never know when something that loose and comfy will come back in style again.

Miss Provocative

Spring and summer clearly beg to drop a couple of extra layers, but sometimes so many layers fall that almost nothing is left for the imagination. This year, it is a kind of goal of the new season’s fashion — dare to bare!

Sheer tops and dresses pretty much cover nothing and if fashion says it is in, we must listen. However, if showing off your assets was not on your list this spring, there are options in the form of crop tops and cut-away clothing that show a lot, but still cover enough lady parts to keep those just for yourself.