Cultural Enhancement series to bring multiple events to WKU

Kaely Holloway

This spring, cultural enhancement will return to the stage in Van Meter Hall. This year, the annual Cultural Enhancement Series will feature dancing, singing, music and personality.

Ailey II, a dance company continuing the legend of Alvin Ailey; Garrison Keillor, an American humorist, writer and radio personality; and Chanticleer, a Grammy- winning male chorus, will bring their talents to campus.

The Cultural Enhancement Series, in its 16th year, will kick off with a dance performance by Ailey II on March 4.

Ailey II is a returning act of this series, having performed for it several years ago in the Capitol Theatre. Keillor will follow them on March 26, and Chanticleer will close out the series on April 11.

Kelly Scott, communications coordinator for Potter College, has assisted with public relations coordinating for the series, helping get the acts here and accommodating them during their stay.

“When Ailey was here before, they filled up the Capitol and many people were turned away,” Scott said. “Because of this, we’re trying to use ticket vouchers to reserve seats this year.”

Ticket vouchers are a guaranteed way to reserve a spot for a performance. They’re being distributed for Ailey II and Keillor, but Keillor has already sold out.

Ticket vouchers for Ailey II can still be reserved by calling the box office, or by going to the online box office site at

David Lee, dean of Potter College, said that other schools with similar events are charging students.

“Vouchers are free for students here,” Lee said. “There are no barriers for our students to experience this.”

Keillor has recently sent word that he is changing his show.

Originally, the host of the radio program “A Prairie Home Companion,” was going to have a prepared speech.

Keillor has changed his mind and will bring musicians with him to create a performance blending his talents as a humorist with music.

Elizabeth Alsop, assistant professor of English, said this is her first year on the committee and at WKU.

“We want to try to bring acts that are engaging to and engage with students,” Alsop said. “There’s the big marquee event, and the acts can engage with students before or after the event.”

Performers are selected through a 20-person committee. A list of potential performers is brainstormed and trimmed, as scheduling and finance checks are run.

“What we want to do is bring speakers and performers that will show challenging things, or have new ideas,” Lee said. “We want the kinds of events where people say that they’ve never seen anything like it, and we want to challenge people.”

Vouchers for Ailey II, though still available, are going quickly. Those interested in going have been encouraged by Scott to reserve their seats.

“We’ve established this as an ongoing tradition,” Lee said.