Pipe repairs close Panda

Kaely Holloway

Panda Express will be closed today and tomorrow. The water lines in Garrett Conference Center and Food Court will be shut off for this two-day period. 


The restaurant will be closed because no water will be able to run during that period.



A mass email sent to all students said Panda Express will be closed Thursday and Friday, Jan. 3 and 4. While wording in the email might lead people to believe Panda Express had plumbing issues, Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of Auxilary Services, said that is not the case.


“The closing has nothing to do with Panda,” Meszaros said. “It all has to do with water line repairs for Health Department standards.”


No other campus restaurants will be closed during this period.


Everything will be up and running in Garrett again after all repairs and inspections have been made.