M is for Misery: Finals week woes hit students too soon

“This major can be very stressful when finals come,” Bowling Green senior John Perry, a graphic design major, said. Perry’s finals started this week because of projects he must work on for his exam.

You’ve had too little sleep, and too much coffee. Every seat in the computer lab is taken, the library is bustling and sweatpants have become trendy. You knew this was going to happen, but somehow you managed to put it off once more.

It’s almost finals week at WKU

“I’m kind of in the heat of it right now,” said Bowling Green senior John Perry.

The 24-year-old is majoring in art and has had his fair share of work this week. His biggest project is a 30-second Pixar-style 3-D animation.

“It takes the whole semester,” Perry said.

The program is too expensive for students to buy, so all work is completed in FAC.

“You have to render it, which takes six hours for 10 seconds of animation,” he said.

In the case of his 30-second project, it will take 18 hours to render.

“Right now, there’s all these signs taped up under the computers saying ‘please don’t log out’,” Perry said.

Perry only got three hours of sleep one night because of completing art projects. When asked about the progress of his Pixar-style film, he chuckled.

“I think it looks pretty good,” Perry said. “I actually haven’t even started rendering it yet. It’s going to be terrible. I got to get on that.”

Radcliff freshman Cindy Gilpin is experiencing the stress of college finals for the first time this semester.

“I’ve got to do well on these finals,” Gilpin said. “There’s so much more work than I’ve ever had in high school, and it’s just the first semester.”

With five finals, Gilpin dedicates three to four hours a night preparing. Despite the heavy workload, she is optimistic about next week.

“I’m aiming for B’s and C’s,” she said. “I think I’m going to be OK.”

Lexington sophomore Jordan Kavanaugh shares Perry and Gilpin’s stress the week before finals. Studying to earn a degree in vocal performance, Kavanaugh said the workload has increased dramatically in the short time leading up to finals.

“I am lackadaisical when the semester starts,” she said. “Now I really need to buckle down.”

Buckling down will include hours of reading, writing and memorizing, which she said doesn’t come easy to everyone.

“The hardest part is studying,” Kavanaugh said. “Some people don’t know how to do it.”

Kavanaugh has her own tricks for memorizing the loads of material, which is critical to final grades.

Once again, it seems the end of the semester couldn’t come soon enough.

“It’s really making me hate my life,” Kavanaugh said. “I want to get it over with.”

Most students can relate.